Tutorial: How to add RSS feeds to Wordpress blog
Posted by Mark Seaman on 30 June 2009 11:52 AM

By RSS Ground service.


Here is a short help guide on how to use RSS feeds with your WordPress blog.

First of all we need a feed.

Let’s go to one of our rss feeds generators and generate a feed (or you can even generate a list of feeds). We will use "Search results" as our category for feed's content and ‘Google’ as feed provider. The keyword is "iPhone".

Pic.1- Generate a feed


Now with the help of our Feeds To Code Converter we will convert this feed into a code snippet:

Pic.2- Feeds to Code


You have to convert your feed into a code snippet in order for your feed's content to be displayed in your blog. Pay attention to what code snippet format we are using. Different parts of blog will require different code formats. We will draw your attention to this matter later.

Now we need to login to WordPress. Find "Site Admin" and enter your login information:

Pic.3- Login to blog


Now, we have several options on where to display rss feed content. Let’s start with a situation where we need to add our feed's content to some existing blog post. To do so, we need to go to "Posts" section and pick up a post we need. Then we choose HTML editor (here we need our feed converted into HTML) and copy/paste our code snippet into the spot we want.

Pic.4- Feed to post


Now we need to press "Publish" and let’s see what we got as a result.

Pic.5- View feed in the post


Now, every time a visitor reads the post he will see the feed and the content provided. It will be always up-to-date and self updated.

The same way we create and edit pages in WP blog. We just need to go to "Pages" section.

Note: if you want to use PHP code snippets instead of HTML code snippets in your posts you need to use special Wordpress plug-ins such as EXEC-PHP.

Let’s see where else we can insert our feeds. This time we will need PHP coding as we are going to insert our feed in to the Word Press templates.

For this example we have generated another rss feed using our general rss feeds generator. Category: News; Provider: MSN; Keyword: Wall Street. Convert this rss feed into a php code snippet using our Feeds To Code Converter.

Now we need to go to "Appearance"-"Editor" in our Word Press admin panel. Here we can see the list of templates at the right hand side and the editor window in front. We need to choose which template we want to display our feed's content on. Let’s take "Sidebar".

Find the spot in the source code to paste our code snippet and press "Update file". Here we have chosen the spot right above "Meta" menu of the sidebar (taking into consideration that we are using default Wordpress theme).

 Pic.6- Sidebar editor


Now let’s see what we’ve got.

We can see the content from our feed in the sidebar right above Meta.

Pic.7- RSS feed in the sidebar


Well, as you see there is nothing rather difficult about displaying rss feeds content in your WordPress blogs.

Let’s do another example.

We have chosen eBay Feeds Generator, Category: Tickets, Keyword: NFL

Again we convert our feed into PHP code snippet using Feeds To Code Converter.

This time we will insert feed content into blog's main page below posts. We choose "Main page template". And place the code into a spot after the posts.

Pic.8- Main index template editor
Now you can see we got three spots in our WordPress blog with our feeds: 1) actual post 2) sidebar 3) main page below posts.


Pic.9- RSS feeds in WordPress blog


Note, you can choose any WordPress theme and edit it pretty much the same way. Also do not forget that you can use additional options in Feeds to Code Converter to format your feeds content. You need to do this procedure just once, after that the feed will be updated in your blog automatically providing fresh and updated content to your visitors.


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