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11. Manual: Shorten and Track Tool
Posted by Mark Seaman on 29 June 2009 01:12 PM

By RSS Ground service.

Single URL

To quickly shorten your original URL go to "Single URL" tab and paste it into "URL" field. Press "Shorten and Track". You will receive a short link in another second. But if you want to use some additional features press "Advanced settings" bar.

Shorten single URL

Custom tag – your short URL will look something like this:   where /f27c73 will come as a default tag for your URL. Using "Custom tag" option you can specify tag and make it look like this:  or   or even like this: You can use any custom tag you want either to make your URL really short or make it noticeable among the other similar URLs.

  Note:  all tags are unique across all users of this service. You can’t use the same tags as other customers do. So try to be original.

Link expires – you can set an expiration date for your short URL. This will help you running "limited time" campaigns and make your short URL expired (not linkable) after the due time.

Password –protects your short link with password so only authorized users could use it. This is very helpful when you need to filter your visitors to archive a targeted or pure result.

Press "Shorten and track" button to get your short URL

Bulk URLs

In case you need to convert a list of URLs you can use "BulkURLs" tab. URLs will be shortened all at once. Here you may also use "Advanced settings". Pay attention to the "Custom tag" option. You need to add just a single custom tag and the program will allot tags to each URL.

Other advanced options will work to each URL from the group like in case with a single URL.

Shorten bulk URLs

Now pay attention to the navigation menu above the tool.

Here you see three icons: URL shortener (the tool itself); My Short URLs (list of shortened URLs) and Logs (track details of your short links).

My Short URLs

As soon as you shortened your URLs you can find them in "My Short URLs" section. Here you see a list of all short URLs ever created. The same list you will find in "My saves"-"My short URL" section in main menu.


My Short URLs

Tag – this column shows a tag used with each short URL. So in order to find any specific URL later you may use its tag. To see the settings used with this URL press on a tag.

URL – here you see an original URL which was shortened

Valid till – this column will show you an expiration date of a short link if this option was used.

The "lock" symbol () will indicate if a short URL was password-protected.

Hits – shows how many times your short URL was hit. Press this icon () to see hits history regarding this short URL.

  Note:  you will be able to see your short URL log only if any hits occurred.

To delete URL from the list press ()

Edit – press this icon () to change your short URL settings


Edit short URL settings


This section shows a complete log report regarding all short URL.

To see a log report regarding any given URL click "histogram" icon () in "My Short URLs" section.

Log section will show you every time when short URLs were hit.


Short URL logs

Time / Date – time and date when URL was hit

Tag – shows a tag of your short URL (custom or default) which was hit. Press the icon next to a tag () and you will see details regarding this short URL

Target – shows a domain name your URL was referred to. Press the icon next to target domain to follow the URL which was shortened.

From – here you can see were your hit is coming from: a link to the page with your short URL. "Type-in" – means that your short URL was pasted directly to a browser.

  Note: if your short URL is password protected all hits will come from, as it is the page where your visitors enter password.

Whois – finally you can find out where your visitor is located. You can see an IP address in the table and if you click the icon next to IP address () you will see page with detailed information regarding the specific IP address.

Also you can sort (filter) URLs by any value: "time/date", "tag", "target", "from", "whois". Just click needed value to sort.


Quick shorten widget

Pay attention to the bottom of the page. You see "Short URL" and "Short2Twitter" tags.

Drag and drop them onto your browser’s tool bar. You will be able to create a short URL or send a short URL to Twitter with just a single click.

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