Tutorial: How to add RSS feeds to Squidoo
Posted by Mark Seaman on 29 June 2009 12:46 PM

By RSS Ground service.

This is a quick guide on how to add RSS feeds into your Squidoo Lens.

First of all create a new Lens or go to an existing one.


 Pic.1- Squidoo Lens

To add RSS feed to Squidoo Lens you need to use a special RSS module. To activate this module press "Browse all modules" and find "RSS: add your blog" module in "All modules" tab.

 Pic.2- Add RSS module to Squidoo Lens

As soon as you press the name of the module you will see it in your modules list on the right. Note: you will be able to add just one RSS feed to each RSS module. So if you have a bunch of RSS feeds choose the needed number of modules.

Press "Done Adding" after all.

 Pic.3- New RSS modules in Lens

Now you see new RSS modules in your Lens. You can see the list of all modules used in your Lens on the right.

To add RSS feed press "Edit" in the RSS module.

Pic.4- Edit RSS module

Here you can give your module a title, a subtitle and a description.

How many headlines would you like to show?
:  here you set how many items you want to be displayed in your feed every time.

Would you like to include an excerpt from each link in the feed?
: here you set if you want to show items’ descriptions or not (see drop-down menu).

How frequently should the module be updated?
: choose how often you want your feed been checked for an update.

Would you like to display HTML in the excerpt?
:  set "Yes" if you want images, media files and etc. to be shown in the description.

Don’t forget to press "Save".

And here is what we’ve got:

You can see title, subtitle and description of your RSS module. You find RSS content with headlines and descriptions with images (as we set).

Don’t forget to press "Publish" for a public view.


 Pic.5- Publish RSS feed

Same thing you do with the other RSS modules.

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