Tutorial: How to add RSS feeds to Blogger
Posted by Mark Seaman on 29 June 2009 09:53 AM

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This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to add RSS feeds to your Blogger blog.

First create your new blog or edit an existing one.

You need to go to "Layout"-"Page elements" section.


Pic.1- Editing


Here you will see a layout of your blog with all its elements. 

You need elements with "Add Gadget" option. Press it.


Pic.2- Layout


Find a gadget named "Feed" and press [+] to add it to the layout.


Pic.3- Feed Gadget


You will see a window for adding a feed's URL.


Pic.4- Add a feed


Press "Continue" to jump to "configuring" your feed step.


Pic.5- Configure a feed

Here you can give a title to your RSS feed, set how many items to show in your feed, choose if to show item date and item source/author.

Press "Save" to add RSS feed to your blog.

As you see you can add only one feed to the gadget at a time. If you wish to add more feeds you need to full fill this algorithm every time.


Pic.6- Add more feeds

Now let's see how you can add feeds to your posts. To do so you need to go to "Posting"-"Create".

You get to the post editor. Now you need to go to "Edit HTML".

Here you can insert a code snippet from our Feeds to Code Converter. Note: it must be in HTML!


Pic.7- Posting

Press "Publish post" to add it to your blog.

Let’s see what we’ve got as a result.


Pic.8- Feeds in the blog


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