What do I do with generated RSS feeds?
Posted by Mark Seaman on 25 June 2009 06:28 AM

By RSS Ground service.


You may use RSS feeds at your own discretion either for personal or marketing needs. Here is what you can do with RSS feeds generated in RSS Ground:
1) Use RSS feeds in any online RSS reader or RSS aggregator to receive latest news.

2) Add your feeds to personalized like "iGoogle", "My Yahoo", Netvibes.com or any similar service to have your starting page with all aggregated content of your choice.

3) Convert RSS feeds into content blocks ready to be placed into website or blog.

4) Submit affiliate RSS feeds to RSS directories for further conversions

5) Make automatic posts to blogs and social network accounts using RSS posters

6) Use RSS feeds in SGW script – self growing websites system

7) Apply RSS feeds in any third-party script or plugin

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