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18. Manual: Facebook RSS Feeds Generator
Posted by Mark Seaman on 13 May 2015 10:24 AM

By RSS Ground service.

Facebook RSS Feeds Generator


Facebook RSS Feeds Generator

Facebook RSS Feeds Generator will help you generate RSS feeds of Facebook pages in one easy step.

But before using the tool you need to Authenticate your Facebook account.


Now all you need to do is to enter URL of a Facebook page or its name. See on the picture the example of Facebook page URL:

Facebook page name

You can generate several feeds of Facebook pages at a time. Just enter a list of URLS one per line.

There is also an option of choosing a feed format: RSS or Atom.

If you don't have any specific reason for Atom format we recommend generating your feeds in RSS format which is more popular and which is the main format in RSS Ground.

Generate and send to – choose a tool from drop-down menu you wish to transfer your RSS feeds to. It can be RSS feeds to Code Converter, any of RSS posters or RSS reader. You may simply choose to send RSS feeds to "My saves" section to work with them later.

If you choose to send RSS feeds to one of the further tools they will still be automatically saved in "My saves"-"My RSS feeds" section of your RSS Ground account.

Check-mark "Send rss feed(s) to my email" option if you wish to get a copy of your RSS feeds list to your email.

As soon as all settings are done press "GENERATE" button.


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