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17. Manual: CJ Affiliate RSS Feeds Generator
Posted by Mark Seaman on 26 November 2014 10:20 AM

By RSS Ground service.

CJ Affiliate RSS Feeds Generator


1. First step - CJ Affiliate Keys

CJ Affiliate Keys


First you need to enter your Developer Key.

Developer key - is a unique identification string assigned to your account . This key provides security and authentication when accessing data and the Commission Junction platform using the Web Services APIs.

If you don't have your developer key yet you can obtain it through this link:

Use your CJ Affiliate login credentials to generate your developer key.

Now you need to enter your Website ID. Website ID is ID of your website you plan to run your advertising campaign on. To get a Website ID you need to go to your CJ Affiliate account "Account" - "Websites" section. Choose a website from the list and find its ID next to its name. If you don't have any websites listed add at least one website to get started.



CJ affiliate Website ID

Note: You can save your current Website ID and Developer key in your default settings so you don't need to enter them over again with each new feed generating. Go to My Account - Default settings and find CJ Affiliate RSS Feeds Generator.


Now we move to the NEXT tab.

2. Second step – Advertisers and keywords.



Search by advertisers and keyowrds


The main CJ search parameter is Advertiser ID or CID.

CID (Company ID) - is a unique number which differentiates an advertiser from other CJ accounts. When you list Advertisers in your CJ account the number which goes before the advertiser name is his CID.

Note: you should remember that you will get your CJ commissions only from active advertisers who approved you for their affiliate programs and who are promoting actual products.


CJ Advertiser ID


Let's look at Search by option.

Here you may choose to generate RSS feed for a specific Advertiser. For that you need to use option Advertisers IDs (CIDs). Enter a list of IDs 1 per line and maximum 10.

As an output you will receive a separate RSS feed with products from a single advertiser.

If you want to generate one RSS feed with products from all advertisers you have in your account choose another option: My Advertisers (Active).

In case you have a long list of active advertisers with a long list of products, be aware that one RSS feed can display not more than 50 products. So you may probably want to use a previous option and generate separate RSS feed for each Advertiser.

If you don't have a list of specific advertisers and wish to find their IDs you may use All advertisers option.

But be careful, there are hundreds of Advertisers in CJ Affiliate and you won't be able to fit them all in a single RSS feed. We recommend using Filter by keywords option.

Enter keywords to filter your search results. One per line, not more than ten.

You may use Filter by keywords with any of the Advertisers search options. This is useful when you want to get a set of relevant products from specific users.

Now we move to the NEXT tab.

Step 3 -  Settings.


Products search settings


On this step we have several sorting options.

Price limits: set minimum and maximum price for your products.  Make sure you use whole numbers in this option.

Sort by: is an option you may choose to sort your products by their name, price or manufacturer. This may be useful when you want to group products according one of the parameters.

An option which is used in conjunction with sorting is Sort order -  ascending (default value)  and descending.

Next go the standard RSS Ground options:

Generate and send to – choose a tool from drop-down menu you wish to transfer your RSS feeds to. It can be RSS feeds to Code Converter or any of RSS posters. You may simply choose to send RSS feeds to "My saves" section to work with them later.

If you choose to send RSS feeds to one of the further tools they will still be automatically saved in "My saves"-"My RSS feeds" section of your RSS Ground account.

Check-mark "Send rss feed(s) to my email" option if you wish to get a copy of your RSS feeds list to your email.


As soon as all settings are done press GENERATE button.

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In case you are an unregistered visitor, please see RSS Ground offers page:


In case you are an unregistered visitor, please see RSS Ground offers page:

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