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16. Manual: YouTube RSS Feeds Generator
Posted by Mark Seaman on 12 November 2014 08:46 AM

By RSS Ground service.

YouTube RSS Feeds Generator


1. First step - Categories.



 YouTube categories


Choose categories you are interested in. You may check-mark several categories. You will get a separate RSS feed for each category. If you don't need any specific category, you may use Any Category.

Use "Select all" and "Select none" for bulk selection.

Press "Next" to move to the second step.

2. Second step – Keywords

On the second step you have an option of searching YouTube videos by keywords or my users (authors). Use drop-down menu with Search YouTube by option.

Search YouTube by keywords.

Search YouTube by keywords

Specify your keywords in Enter keywords field. Make it one per line, maximum 10 keywords. RSS Ground will generate a separate RSS feed for each keyword.

If on previous step you've selected several categories you will receive a separate RSS feed for each category and for each keyword.
Let's say you select 2 categories and specify 2 keywords. In this case you receive 4 RSS feeds:

1. Category1Keyword1
2. Category1Keyword2
3. Category2Keyword1
4. Category2Keyword2

You may also filter your search results using Enter negative keywords option. Use a list of keywords to exclude videos related to these keywords form the feed. Again, make it one per line, maximum 10 keywords.

  Note: each RSS feed will be filtered by your list of keywords. All videos associated with each negative keywords will be removed from your RSS feeds.

For a more accurate search result you may use Sort by option. Choose the way you wish to sort YouTube content in your feeds:
- Relevance (mostly related to your keyword videos will go first)
- View count (most popular and mostly viewed videos will go first)
- Dates (most recent videos will go first)


Search YouTube by users.

Search YouTube by users

When you choose searching YouTube by users you need specify them in the Enter user name field. Enter one user name per line, maximum 10 users.

  Note: make sure that you enter a correct user name. Don't use spaces in the name, it should be a single word (not User name, but username)

You will receive a separate RSS feed for each use which will show his videos despite the name of the category.
But you can filter users feeds using Keywords (only videos related to these keywords will show up), or using Negative keywords (videos related to these keywords will be excluded).

  Note: each users' RSS feed will be filtered by the same set or keywords and negative keywords.

Here you also have an option of sorting search results by relevance, view count or dates like with Search YouTube by keywords option.

Next go standard RSS Ground optiosn:
Generate and send to – choose a tool from drop-down menu you wish to transfer your RSS feeds to. It can be RSS feeds to Code Converter or any of RSS posters. You may simply choose to send RSS feeds to "My saves" section to work with them later.

If you choose to send RSS feeds to one of the further tools they will still be automatically saved in "My saves"-"My RSS feeds" section of your RSS Ground account.

Check-mark "Send rss feed(s) to my email" option if you wish to get a copy of your RSS feeds list to your email.


As soon as all settings are done press "Generate" button.

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In case you are an unregistered visitor, please see RSS Ground offers page:



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