05. Manual: RegNow RSS Feeds Generator
Posted by Mark Seaman on 05 August 2009 07:05 AM

By RSS Ground service.

RegNow RSS Feeds Generator

1. First step - Categories.

RegNow categories

Choose categories you are interested in. You may check-mark several categories. The program will generate RSS feed for each category.

Use "All categories" to search all of them at once.  Also use "Select all" and "Select none" to operate with all categories.

Press "Next" to move to the second step.

2. Second step – Keywords and RegNow ID.

On the second step you enter a list of your keywords, one per line, maximum 10. RSS Ground will generate a separate RSS feed to each keyword and to each category. If you choose 2 categories and specify 2 keywords you will get 4 RSS feeds:

1. Category1Keyword1
2. Category1Keyword2
3. Category2Keyword1
4. Category2Keyword2

Keywords and RegNow affiliate ID

If you are registered with RegNow you can embed your Affiliate ID into generated feeds. So if someone makes a purchase through your feed you will get a commission. But this option is not required. To sign up to RegNow affiliate program follow this LINK

  Note: you can pre-set all your affiliate IDs in every Feeds Generator so they would be automatically filled in while generating new feeds. To make default settings you need to go to "Account" tab, fill out all needed fields and press "Update settings".

Generate and send to – choose a tool from drop-down menu you wish to transfer your RSS feeds to. It can be RSS feeds to Code Converter, RSS to Twitter Poster, RSS to Wordpress Poster or RSS to Blogger Poster. You may also simply choose to send RSS feeds to "My saves" section to work with them later.

If you choose to send RSS feeds to one of the further tools they will still be automatically saved in "My saves"-"My RSS feeds" section of your RSS Ground account.

Check-mark "Send rss feed(s) to my email" option if you wish to get a copy of your RSS feeds list to your email.

As soon as all settings are done press "Generate" button.

Here is the list of useful links you may also be interested in:


In case you are an unregistered visitor, please see RSS Ground offers page:


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